January 8, 2011

Things that should change now that Eastern Washington are champs...

Alright, the Eags are national champions, meaning that there need to be a few changes around here...

1. Time to rename Washington Street to Beau Baldwin Street, because after all when the heck has George Washington won a national championship?

2. Please refer to Washington and Washington State as the "other" football teams in the state of Washington.

3. I think it's time for the Seahawks to play on red turf. Or lime green turf.

4. Gonzaga should now be relegated to the "schools that haven't won a national championship in a major sport" category of the Spokesman.

5. Is it too early to request sainthood for Taiwan Jones and Bo Levi Mitchell? I'm sure the Vatican would be more than willing...

6. John Blanchette should now actually come out to regular season games instead of waiting for them to make the playoffs than acting like he's their long-tenured columnist. "Oh Oh yes, I've followed this team from the beginning."

7. Colin Cowherd should now get a half-hour section of his show to talk about nothing but Eastern Washington University.

8. Rename "The Easterner" to the "Bo Levi-er."

9. Rename "I-90" to "That road that leads to Title Town"

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