January 19, 2011

Vince Young wants to start... fat chance

Hey Vince Young? You want a starting job? How about you stop acting like a spoiled football player and exude things like character, hard work, intelligence and a spine. Oh wait, you have none of those things.

Vince Young has his sights set on competing to be a starter for an NFL team.

Young says in a segment aired by ESPN on Wednesday night that he will work to let his next team know he's an elite quarterback who just wants to win games and be the best. Asked if he could work as a backup, Young laughed.

"I'm going to go into the organization, the team, and compete. That's all I can do, and let them make their own decision after that," Young said. "Definitely I am a starting quarterback, an elite quarterback in the NFL. I want to go ahead and start. But like it always is, the coaches have the last word."

Tennessee owner Bud Adams actually had the last word Jan. 5 when the Titans announced that they would either release Young or try to trade him away because he's not in their plans for 2011. Adams agreed with coach Jeff Fisher the quarterback drafted No. 3 overall in 2006 had to go after an incident Nov. 21.

That's when Young cursed at the coach and blew out of the locker room. The Titans placed him on injured reserve two days later, and Young had surgery to repair a torn tendon in his right thumb. But the team can't release Young until Feb. 7, and a trade won't happen until the NFL has a new labor deal.

No I'm not a Titans fan bitter at young for ruining the 2010 season (yes I am), I'm just a realist (well that's true too, because Vince Young will never be a good quarterback in the NFL. Let's look at Young's track record.

1. Awesome career at Texas where he was coddled.
2. Drafted to the NFL and regarded highly by many.
3. Played on a very good NFL team.
4. Had maturity issues when he got booed. Went missing, had to be coaxed back by Jeff Fisher.
5. Had marginal success as a starter.
6. Freaked on said coach that actually supported him in the beginning.

Sounds like a winner to me.

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