January 20, 2011

What team are you rooting for?

Let's take a look at the team still left in the quest for the Super Bowl. It's pretty slim pickins.

New York Jets - Mark Sanchez is actually one of the more stand-able USC quarterbacks in the league, however he's not the main guy on this team. We have the coach that trash talks and plays with his wife's feet. They have a cornerback with roughly 1,032 children. They also have LaDanian Tomlinson back from the dead. If you like that kid on the playground that brags about being able to dunk but can't make a lay-up, this is your team.

LIKE-ABILITY - Two stars

Pittsburgh Steelers - They have dirty players. They have a creeper quarterback. Their head coach whines about calls. Their fans are perhaps some of the most annoying individuals on the face of the planet. They already have two Super Bowls this decade. Oh, and their offense is boring as tar.


Chicago Bears - Many people want their quarterback to suffer diabetic shock out on the field because he's a big douche. Their offense is about as flashy as a 1992 Honda Accord. If they make the Super Bowl, the score will probably be in single-digits. They also knocked the Seahawks out of the playoffs.


Green Bay Packers - Their quarterback is quickly becoming legendary with his better-than-Farvian play. Their coach might be legally mentally handicapped. They have perhaps the best and most standable fans in football. I mean how can you not root for the smallest market in the NFL? Their defense is underrated yet terrifying. They overcame a lot of adversity throughout the season. I think we have a winner.


By the way, if it's a Bears-Steelers Super Bowl, I'm not watching it.

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  1. I have to pretty much agree with everything here. I will only be happy with the Steelers making the Super Bowl if Green Bay is there and Green Bay either crushes them or benefits from several questionable calls that go their way so I can watch the Steelers suddenly STFU about "get over it" or "you have to overcome it."