January 26, 2011

Why Casey has a crush on this basketball player

Casey keeps talking about Jimmer Fredette. Apparently he's really good at the game of basketball. Here's some reason I think he likes him so much.

1. Casey is a notorious front-runner and Brigham Young is currently 20-1 on the season. Just wait until he trades in his Hawaii jersey for a BYU Cougars jersey, it's only a matter of time.

2. His name is Jimmer, which might be the coolest name ever. The question becomes, do people call him "Jim"?

3. Jimmer's oldest sibling, Lindsay, was Miss Teen New York in 1998. Casey loves his teen pop stars and loves Robin from "How I Met Your Mother." In fact he has "Lets go to the Mall" on his iPod.

4. I'm not sure about this but I'm pretty sure Jimmer has won Back-to-Back-to-Back AAU Championships. If Casey doesn't like this, Fred McGriff would approve.

5. He's also leading college with 26.7 points per game. He has scored 40 points for the third time in four games when on Wednesday night he led BYU to a 71-58 victory over previously undefeated San Diego State.

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