February 27, 2011

Actually I would expect a wrestler to do this

So you line up against a guy in the state tournament championship match, and then you learn - the dude wrestles tigers to train - match over before it's even started. Brian Hickey is putting the awesome in wrestling.

Brian Hickey — Kaz Dymek is so totally stoked by his chance to become a Sarasota, Fla. high school's first state wrestling champion that he's sparring with "Old Buck" who, per the Herald-Tribune, "weighs 400 pounds, eats 30 pounds of meat a day, growls with a ferocity that can peel paint, and is a Bengal tiger."

The destined-for-career-in-carnivals feel disappears, however, when you learn Dymek's family owns the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary, and that the 29-0, 285-pound grappler "has been around cats ever since his aunt turned to him inside the family trailer one day and said, 'Here, I'm leaving for a while,' and handed him a tiger cub to babysit."

This, of course, is per Deadspin. 

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