February 24, 2011

Idaho State getting new turf

Idaho State University is going to be getting new turf in Holt Arena. And since they aren't as cool as Eastern Washington University, it's not going to be orange.

Idaho State Director of Athletics Jeff Tingey has announced that Holt Arena will be getting new field turf thanks to the sponsorship of ISU Credit Union. The turf will be installed in July of this year. The new turf is currently undergoing the required bid process for the state of Idaho.

This adds to a series of changes at the ISU athletic department. A new football coach and of course the new basketball court are at the top of the list.

But the new turf will also help reduce injuries on the field.

A reduction in shoulder, ankle and knee injuries will be immediately noticed with the implantation of the new turf. Idaho State is one of the only remaining schools nationwide that uses the current turf system.

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