February 23, 2011

The L in the NFL stands for lame

The most popular sports league in the world about to go through very ugly labor talks? Possibly the 2011 season down the drain because owners are greedy? No no, nothing to see here. We're not panicking... we're just calling all our GMs and coaches together for a meeting where we wont talk about the labor problems... right?

A Thursday meeting of agents and the NFLPA was recently cancelled because of mediation talks in Washington, D.C., but that didn't stop the NFL from calling a meeting of general managers and coaches for Thursday in Indianapolis.

Presumably, the NFL wants to sit down with high-ranking members of its various teams and discuss precisely what's going on with the league as the deadline for a new CBA nears.

And, according to what NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Albert Breer of the NFL Network, there's "nothing special" about this little powwow.

"It happens every year," Aiello said. "It's a normal part of the Combine, which always has meetings galore. It's not the first time. It's not a special meeting. An update on labor negotiations would be appropriate."

Uh-huh. Yup, nothing to see here. Move along media, move along. (We wont be discussing the possibility of replacement players). All I can say is thank god for college football... which is a much better product than the predictable, douchebag-fan filled NFL.

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