February 28, 2011

Oh Nate Enderle...

Um... go Vandals. I think. It seems that their former quarterback stud isn't doing so hot.

Former Idaho quarterback Nate Enderle recorded the slowest time in the 40-yard dash Sunday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Not that it means much.

The former Vandals ran – unofficially – a 5.18. As bad as it seems, however, it's not as bad as Tom Brady's 5.28. And Chris Redmon, selected in the third round by Baltimore ran a 5.37.

So, he still has hope.

The difference between Redmon/Brady to Enderle... they went to big schools and Enderle didn't. I'm not sure how many teams are chomping at the bit for a slow-footed quarterback from Idaho. At least there won't be an NFL season next year so it wont matter!

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