February 7, 2011

Things A-rod could have done during the Super Bowl

Admit it. When you saw A-rod getting hand fed some popcorn from Cameron Diaz during the Super Bowl, you thought to yourself "douche!"

Because... well, A-rod has that effect on us.

However, the poor guy could have done tons of things that would have been much more acceptable. He should have known cameras were going to catch him, and as luck would have it, they caught him at one of the worst possible moments. Should have just showed up with Madonna.

Here are some things he could have done differently...

1. Sat with John Madden and George W. I'm sure they were having a very intelligent conversation.

2. Shown off his World Series ring that he won last fall... oh wait, nevermind, the Yankees didn't win the World Series.

3. Buddy up to Derek Jeter, who would have paid too much for his Super Bowl tickets because he apparently overvalues things based on their sentimental worth, much like his career.

4. Been drinking? I mean people would have been totally fine with him throwing back beers instead of getting the maid service from Cameron Diaz. Hell, if he did lines of coke, people would be cool with it.

5. Or just not show up to the Super Bowl at all. I mean spring training starts soon right?

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