February 9, 2011

What are we going to do without the NFL?

So the NFL will more than likely be stuck in a labor dispute next season, meaning we're going to have to do something to fill the gap. Here are some ideas...

1. Dress up like Crayons - Because girls love Crayons. But mostly the big ones. So make sure you only dress up like an 8-pack of Crayons instead of the full 64-crayon box. Otherwise you'll get a real big-un.

2. Find Dinosaurs - Preferably not ones this big unless you can outrun them on your bike. Make sure you make fun of it's skinny arms.

3. Go to Montana - And make fun of the Grizzlies ... because they didn't win a national championship this year.

4. Go Mud Wrestling - Just don't forget your shorts. Oh, and drink a lot.

5. Kick your wife's butt at football - That's what Casey likes to do.

6. Hang out with Chewbacca - Because that's way cooler than the NFL.

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