March 7, 2011

EWU fires Earlywine

You could kind of see this one coming. Eastern Washington hasn't had a whole lot of success in the past four years. While I feel that Earlywine was dealt a raw hand after the whole Mike Burns fiasco, this move is probably best for all parties involved.

Eastern Washington men’s basketball coach Kirk Earlywine was informed Monday morning by Eagles athletic director Bill Chaves that his contract will not be renewed.

Earlywine, who is in his fourth year as Eastern’s head coach, told The Spokesman-Review that he met with Chaves and learned of his firing but was given no specifics on why the contract will not be renewed.

“I’m disappointed,” said Earlywine, who compiled a 10-20 record this season and is 46-73 overall, “but as disappointed as I am for myself I’m even more disspointed for my players and my assistant coaches.”

Now who could possibly be the new head coach at EWU?

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