March 23, 2011

WSU's pot problem...

Apparently WSU Basketball players like to smoke pot. Whoop de doo. Apparently, Pullman Police like searching college students apartments in a quest to end the dastardly drug that is ruining Washington State University.

While the media drums up fake outrage and disgust at the latest allegations against DeAngelo Casto, let's take a step back and think about this whole "drug" problem.

1. Lots and lots and lots of college kids smoke pot. While I won't make any excuses, I will say that if you're going to tear down Casto, you'd better be ready to tear down a lot of the free world leaders in our world because chances are, they've smoked pot. While I understand it's illegal (barely) and I understand you can't use the ol' "well everyone else is doing it" but let's not paint Casto as some reckless drug user. Pot is about the most laid back recreational drug you can have and I bet you your high school secretary is smoking it right now. In my honest opinion, this is like Casto getting a speeding ticket. Same principle. Breaking the law, but really doing no harm.

2. You know what a lot of college kids also do? They drink. And drive. That's roughly 1,000 times worse than what Casto did, yet we're calling for his suspension and removal from the team while Billy Bob Frat Boy gets off scott free? This is ridiculous.

3. There are tens of thousands of medical marijuana users in the state of Montana. They all could have possessed what Casto possessed and had no problem. You know how you get a card in this state? By getting written notice from your docter that you have an ache or pain. I'm sure nobody is faking pain there.

4. I mean we don't have any issues with coaches cheating with recruiting in basketball. It's all those terrible pot-smoking players!

5. So can Pullman Police enter any apartment just whenever they want?

So please, just shut up about Casto and pot.

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