March 23, 2011

Ranking the 16 teams left in the NCAA Tournament (based on mascot)

I'm sure you've seen plenty of sites ranking the 16 teams that remain in the NCAA Tournament. And we're gonna do the same.

Only instead of basing it on boring facts such as player comparisons, strength of team, etc, etc. I'm basing it on mascots.

And who has the most awesome mascot.

16. Butler Bulldogs - An overused mascot. The only way this mascot is cool is when their is a real bulldog at the game.

15 and 14. Arizona Wildcats and Kentucky Wildcats - If there is another school with your same mascot with only 16 teams left, then your mascot is lame. Plus, not very creative. Wildcat? How about Lamecat.

13. Virginia Commonwealth University Rams - Now if VCU's mascot had been the Mountain Goats that would be awesome. I once saw Brandon chased down a trail by a mountain goat, but not a ram.

12. and 11. BYU Cougars and Connecticut Huskies - The Cougars and Huskies are also the mascots of Washington State and Washington. So I hear about these all the time. Next.

10. Kansas Jayhawks - The name of this mascot is alright. But have you ever seen the picture of this thing?!? It surely gives children nightmares!

9. Marquette Golden Eagles - Now the Eagle is probably the most overused mascot, right up there with Bulldog and Wildcat. But the reason Marquette made it to number nine is the fact they aren't just the Eagles. Oh no, they are the Golden Eagles.

8. Florida Gators - A creative mascot, but it also is used for purses and boots. Sorry Florida.

7. North Carolina Tar Heels - I always hear Tar Heels and can't help but think of people with dirty feet. Seriously, wash those feet before you come inside!

6. Ohio State Buckeyes - Your mascot is a nut. Enough said.

5. Duke Blue Devils - Is this a Devil that is really cold? Perhaps hell froze over. Which is what will happen if Duke wins the title again.

4. Wisconsin Badgers - I wouldn't want to fight a badger. I'd rather try my luck against a Buckeye.

3. Florida State Seminoles - A great way to connect to the heritage of the state. Oh, and the guy who dresses up at the games is awesome and he even has a horse.

2. San Diego State Aztecs - Another example of a unique mascot. People say the Aztecs and you think of San Diego State.

1. Richmond Spiders - Seriously the best mascot in the tournament. You never hear of other schools called the Spiders.

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