March 1, 2011

Seattle tops list of most miserable sports cities

Congratulations Seattle! The city is finally number one!

Bummer thing is this isn't a list you want to be number one on.

Seattle has been named the most miserable sports city in America.

Here's what the list was based on.

Where have U.S. sports fans suffered the most misery? Not futility, but the heartbreak that comes from building fans' hopes up only to let them down in the end. Sticking to sports towns with at least 75 cumulative seasons in the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball, we rank each by playoff failures (the deeper you lose in the playoffs, the more misery points) and championship droughts.

And here's why Seattle is number one:

Teams: Seahawks, Mariners, Sonics
Championship round record: 1-3
Semifinal round record: 4-7
Total Seasons/championships: 111/1
Last title: 1979

This year's 7-9 Seahawks snagged a bogus home playoff game thanks to a faulty seeding system that rewarded them for winning a weak division, but they promptly lost in Chicago the following week. Meantime, Kevin Durant and the Sonics are in Oklahoma City, and the Mariners, losers of 101 games last year, are still trying to reach a World Series after three trips to the ALCS. We're not counting the one-year run of baseball's Pilots in 1969.

Can you say ouch?


Here's the rest of the top 10.

2. Atlanta
3. Phoenix
4. Buffalo
5. San Diego
6. Houston
7. Kansas City
8. Cleveland
9. Denver
10. Cincinnati

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