March 4, 2011

Short guy wants in the college dunk contest

This short fellow from Illinois College put together this awesome dunk reel. His name is Jacob Tucker and he's a wee 5'11" ... which is my height. There's a campaign to get him into the slam dunk contest, but I has some complaints about that...

1. Tucker plays D-III basketball, they don't have their own dunk contest? Ohhh... wait... it's division 3, nobody can dunk there anyways.

2. He's not tall enough to get on a Disneyland ride. Okay that's a lie, actually 5'11" isn't thaaaat short, I don't know why everyone is playing it up. That's pretty much the average height for a human being. So why are we packaging him as the short guy.

3. If he isn't a short guy than he probably doesn't have the cocky short guy attitude that everyone hates. Nobody will root against him.

4. All those dunks are great, but did he dunk over a car... a la Blake Griffin? I think not.

5. The Facebook group campaigning for him has 700 fans and this is after Deadspin picked the story up, so nobody cares...

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