March 3, 2011

The story of my life about to be filmed in Spokane

Spokane may be the next Seattle (Remember Fraiser?), as North by Northwest is filming a sitcom pilot about 30-something guys in a bowling league. Definitely sounds like my cup a tea as when I was in Spokane I had been known to roam the alleys. I'm excited, lets hope Spokane is the home to a new TV hit!

North by Northwest has just signed a contract to film, “Thunderballs, ” a sitcom pilot, for the cable TV channel Spike.

It’s about three 30-something guys on a beer league bowling team. As North by Northwest’s Rich Cowan points out, “Spokane should be a good city for that.”

The pilot will be filmed in May and if it gets picked up by Spike network, the entire series will be filmed here.

Will it have stars? Casting is still under discussion, but Cowan predicts it will have some “recognizable” names. It will probably use some local actors and extras as well.

Anyone else wonder if Adam Morrison will make a guest star appearance?

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