March 21, 2011

Washington kind of sucks at basketball

The NCAA Tournament has hit full force and the Washington State teams have already left the building with Washington losing to UNC and Gonzaga losing to BYU. So lets take a long look at just what happened to our March Madness hopefuls.


Washington lost because...

1. They made stupid mistakes down the stretch. Like OJ Simpson stupid mistakes.
2. Bad inbound pass... the type of pass you haven't seen since middle school AAU.
3. God and the eastern part of Washington hates the Huskies.
4. The movie "Twilight" is from the western part of the state and karma is a bitch.
5. They didn't have Damen Wayans spirit helping them out.

Gonzaga lost because...

1. Jimmer Fredette. Or like any year in the NCAA Tournament, a hot-shooting college star that lights up the Zags and knocks them out of the tournament. Stephen Curry anyone? 
2. Hey you've heard it before... Mark Few can't guard the three, the pope is Catholic and sun is actually a star.
3. Gonzaga got their quota for tournament wins of the year. I mean after all, they are the Duke of the west coast and the Blue Devils lose in the second round all the time right?
4. That rowdy Kennel Club with the four kids that jump up and down weren't at the game.
5. America's Team... which strangley only has fans in the Northwest, just couldn't handle America's player, Jimmer Fredette, who strangely only has fans in Utah.

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