March 25, 2011

Why people hate Duke

Facebook exploded after Duke lost in the NCAA Tournament, and that comes as no surprise as everyone hates the Blue Devil more than the Taliban? But why is that? Let's explore the reasons...

1. Christian Laettner - Probably hit the biggest shot in school history and then went on to have a rather unremarkable NBA. He also looks like an incredible douche...

2. Their football program is a joke - It's once thing to have a good basketball program... and another to have an absolutely abysmal football program. You're not casting off the whole "wuss" image when you're getting beat by I-AA schools by double-digits.

3. Their coach looks like a rat - Honestly, you have to say this about Coach K... he's a winner. However, this is something that I can never get past, the dude is like 60 and still have jet black hair. Dye job anyone?

4. The Cameron Crazies - Granted they're loud, but they're like Harry Potter fans. Nobody likes a nerdy, mom and dad pays for college student section. (cough cough, Gonzaga, cough cough)

5. They not the UNC Tarheels - UNC produced Michael Jordan, Duke produced... J.J. Reddick? A hobbled Grant Hill? Ummmmm... 

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