April 20, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the NBA Playoffs

Haven't been watching the NBA playoffs? Why the heck not? In what could easily be the best post season product out of all the major sports, the NBA playoffs have not disappointed so far.

Mas Sports' Riley Lemm has a rundown on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the NBA Playoffs so far. You can read that right here. 

NOTE: He does not mention the Spurs. Why? Because the Spurs do not matter. They're not entertaining. They're old. They're completely irrelevant. Is anyone really on the edge of their seats for the Portland-Dallas playoff series. No, because the Western Conference this year is a relative old folks home compared to the hip and exciting teams in the East. 

I'm not talking about who's better from an actual X's and O's. I'm talking about from a fan's perspective. Other than fans in those cities, nobody is going to be thrilled about whoever makes the Finals from the West except for the Thunder. Lakers? Been there, done that. Spurs? Gag me and throw me down a well. Hornets? All four of their fans will be jumping for joy. Grizzlies? Yeah right, like that will happen. Blazers? Brandon Roy doesn't quite have the Bazinga! as Lebron James. Nuggets? Wait, who's on that team now? Steve Kerr? 

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