April 3, 2011

It's over!

Both John Lester (Friday) and John Lackey had poor outings for the Red Sox in their first two games of the season and now Boston is 0-2 on the season. Granted there is 162 games in the season but I felt it would be better to press the panic button.

Either that, or I can officially start hating the Texas Rangers.

When they made the World Series last season everyone in Spokane magically became a Rangers fan. Now I know that their minor league affiliate is there in the Spokane Indians, but really a minor league team should not affect your major league rooting interests. I'll root for the Spokane Indians any day, but I'm not going to hop on a bandwagon because they get their players from the Rangers organization.

And people in Spokane just couldn't admit they were front-running, they had to throw in the "oh I've been a Rangers fan since they've been affiliated with the Spokane Indians."

Riiiiight, I remember everyone complaining they didn't get an affiliation with the Mariners.

Anyways, the Red Sox are 0-2, and I'm breaking into the booze cabinet.

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