April 29, 2011

Jake Locker to the Titans? I am now a confused individual

With the eighth pick in the NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans picked Jake Locker.

The same Jake Locker I've been reaming on for the past four years for being an inaccurate passer and overall a package-wrapped NFL bust.

Well the irony gods just threw a pile of crap my way. As a huge Titans fan, what should I do?

1. Should I root for Jake Locker? He is from my home state even though he played for the loathsome Washington Huskies.

2. Should I jump ship, become a Raiders fan, get $1,000 of dollars of Raiders gear and not know the record of my team during the season like every other Raiders' fan?

3. Should I hope that the NFL locks out all its players and Jake Locker decides to take up cycling instead.

I will give Jake this... he's not Vince Young. He's not going to puss out when people boo him. He's not going to go missing and need his head coach to go and find him. He's not going to throw his head coach under the bus. He's not going to need his mom to tell people to leave him alone.

No, Jake Locker is a competitor and that will could for something. However, I'm not going to dress up the Brandon Hansen Tennessee Titans Welcoming Hall with confetti and cake. I'll be a skeptic of Jake going into the NFL and he'll have to prove himself in my eyes.

Otherwise put in Kerry Collins! Or as I like to call him...

Now if the Titans get Taiwan Jones in the draft (as my friend Eric suggested), they will have Roos and Jones on the roster and should be called the Eastern Washington Titans instead of the Tennessee Titans.

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