April 6, 2011

Lets break down the horrible car wreck that is the Red Sox season so far

I've been a mess these past few days for several reasons. One of those reasons has been the godawful play of the Boston Red Sox, my favorite team. Nothing sums of the start to the season, quite like this...

CLEVELAND — As the Red Sox played the Cleveland Indians here last night, Charlie Sheen and his “Violent Torpedo of Truth’’ tour were at the State Theater only a short distance away.

Here’s some more truth: The Sox are more of a mess than the drug-addled actor at this point as they were beaten, 3-1, by the Indians.

Anytime your baseball team and Charlie Sheen are mentioned in the same sentance (unless they're talking about Wild Thing), you should probably just pack things up for the season. But I mean there's plenty of games right? Unless you think about this horrific stat.

No team that has started 0-4 has won the World Series.

So what you're telling me is that the SEATTLE "I'LL BE HOME FOR OCTOBER" MARINERS have a better chance of making the World Series than the Red Sox do??????

 Brandon mad.

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  1. Yeah I'm passionate about the Sox I love when they win and hate when they lose I'm not giving up on them but I'm definitely concerned with there Pitching and catching.