April 14, 2011

Other secrets about Tom Brady

If you've watched ESPN in the past couple of days, you've seen the videos and the talk about Tom Brady's terrible performance in the 2000 NFL Combine. It's the little skeleton in the closet of the all-American quarterback, and I'm here to tell you that there are a bunch more secrets that he's hiding.

He once dated Miss Piggy
Come on, when you're the backup quarterback on the New England Patriots, you're not exactly getting football groupies knocking on your door. He had to go into other avenues.... puppets.

Brady was once caught putting on Drew Bledsoe's jersey to sneak out into practice get snaps
However, he was quickly caught as he also stole Bledsoe's jockstrap and hair conditioner.

Have you seen the "Tom Brady approves pet neutering"
... and then the commercial cuts to a dog going "Tom balls out on the field, but doesn't ball out in other people's yards with their pets - just like me!"

He had a horrible drug addiction
The story you haven't heard is the crazy amount of Slurpees the man would consume before games. That Berry Blast is a killer.

He doesn't wash his feet in the shower
Oh, Oh, god man, come on! Get that crap cleaned off!

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