April 4, 2011

Pretty sure dumping radioactive water into the ocean is a bad idea

Doesn't this raise any red flags to anyone?

Tokyo (CNN) -- Japan began dumping thousands of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean on Monday, an emergency move officials said was needed to curtail a worse leak from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

In all, about 11,500 tons of radioactive water that has collected at the nuclear facility will be dumped into the sea, officials said Monday, as workers also try to deal with a crack that has been a conduit for contamination.

And no one has a problem with this? I mean you're putting terrible toxic material into the Pacific Ocean! Remember the last time that happened? Yeah this guy...

However, apparently it's not that big of deal, or so they want to make you think...

"To put this in perspective, the Pacific Ocean holds about 300 trillion swimming pools full of water and they're going to release about five swimming pools full of water. So hopefully the churning of the ocean and the currents will quickly disperse this so that it gets to very dilute concentrations relatively quickly," said Timothy Jorgensen, chair of the radiation safety committee at Georgetown University Medical Center.

"It's a considerable amount of water, but the immensity of the Pacific Ocean will quickly dilute this amount of water to harmless levels," he added.

Right, and it will just fade away and disappear. No long-term issues or anything. We've never had anything like that before right?


  1. Its Plutonium that concerns. It is the most dangerous element in the world today.It only takes tiny particles to kill and is carried in the air and water...Ma¬ny of the rods in Japan are plutonium.¬We must monitor radiation very carefully and actually tell the people what we find.If the wackos in the house want to not pay for monitoring I wish they would discover for themselves why we must monitor..

  2. This is rather an unfortunate turn of events for the disaster stricken country. I do hope they could recover faster as people are having irrational fear for everything labeled under the country's name.

  3. These radioactive elements are very harmful. They can easily mix to air and water and can cause some serious health hazards.