May 19, 2011

Army Sniper can't hunt because he didn't take a hunter's safety course

I'm sure he could shoot the tick off the back of a deer from a half-mile away, he just can't shoot the deer.

He’s clearly not a kid anymore.

The 24-year-old soldier has been in the service for nearly seven years, survived two tours in Iraq and earned a spot in the U.S. Army sniper corps.

He’d be a star in any hunting blind.

But when his uncle recently invited him from Fort Lewis to Eastern Washington for a weekend of pursuing spring gobblers, a license dealer couldn’t sell him a state hunting license.

The soldier had not passed a certified hunter education course.

In one theater, he had a government license to kill human beings.

But he couldn’t get a license to kill a turkey in Stevens County.

Yeah that makes sense, meanwhile an anti-government crackpot can go around shooting at whatever bush shakes in the county. Trust me! I've ran into the same people.

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