May 26, 2011

Deadpool patrols Wenatchee

Apparently Wenatchee is a hotbed of super-hero activity. Check this story out...

Marvel’s Deadpool is an anti-hero and a mercenary. Wenatchee’s Deadpool said he chose his character “because I allied with his humor and his ideal that what once was bad can become something better and good. .... And not his outlook on heroism or his methods.” Deadpool has been putting up flyers around town so people know what he’s up to and won’t be alarmed when he rushes to help them. He asks anyone who needs help with just about anything to contact him via email at

The World saw one of these flyers and contacted him. He responded by pay phone.

“The whole secret identity thing,” he said. “You can’t be too careful.”

Deadpool admits to being a Wenatchee resident between the ages of 20 and 30. He’s got a whole other life that’s regular, he said, but he won’t go into that. Deadpool said the idea to dress up and help people “just came to me one day.”

He acknowledged, however, that the costume thing has its drawbacks. It makes him hot when the sun’s out, and it seems to put some people off.

“I tried to help a woman out of the rain the other day and she didn’t really want to take my umbrella,” he said. “I think she was kind of intimidated.”

Wenatchee police have had no complaints about Deadpool, said the department’s Capt. Doug Jones. “Anyone doing good deeds is encouraged unless they get too pushy,” he said. “If he grabs someone’s arm that doesn’t want it grabbed, that could be a problem.”

The best part about this is that Casey does this every night but people just think he's creepy.

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  1. I guess this is pretty cool, whatever floats his boat. But as for the idea, he stole it from the movie Kick-Ass, so he shouldn't take credit for the idea of dressing up and helping the community.