May 6, 2011

I won't be flying on this plane

Lame Lame Lame.

The Portland Timbers now have their own plane thanks for the support by Alaska Airlines of the Seattle Sounders FC bitter rival. Blech. That plane looks terrible. Check this mess out. (BTW they only get a 737... not good enough for a 747).

PORTLAND, Ore. — Alaska Airlines introduced its Major League Soccer Portland “Timbers Jet” this morning to a crowd of fans in “Soccer City, USA.” The Boeing 737-700 paint theme is a combination of two designs created by Paul Wright of Portland, Ore., and John Bode of San Mateo, Calif. The aircraft features the Portland Timbers’ name and logo in the team’s trademark colors with a rising sun across the forward part of the fuselage.

“The ‘Timbers Jet’ is a great example of why Alaska Airlines is a fabulous partner for our organization,” Portland Timbers President Merritt Paulson said. “This is easily the best-looking plane you will find anywhere.”

The two first-place designs were chosen from among 500 entries in a “Paint-the-Plane” contest. The “Timbers Jet” celebrates Alaska Airlines’ pride in being the official airline and jersey sponsor of the Portland Timbers.

“Paul and John’s winning designs came together seamlessly to create one of the most unique paint themes in our fleet,” said Joe Sprague, Alaska Airlines’ vice president of marketing. “The plane’s iconic green and yellow colors will be hard to miss from the ground or in the air.”

To celebrate the introduction of the “Timbers Jet,” Alaska Airlines will extend early boarding privileges to Portland International Airport passengers wearing an official Timbers jersey throughout the 2011 MLS season.

I dont know why you would want to do this but you can see the official story here.


  1. That's why I had to quit working for Alaska...

  2. Alaska has no 747s