May 20, 2011

Morning Coffee... the NBA: Where eye-gouging happens

OKC won Game Two to even up the NBA Western Conference Finals at 1-1. Despite them being the former Sonics and my man-crush on Kevin Durant, I can't really root for the Thunder. There's nothing I would like to see less than Clay Bennett getting an NBA Championship. So you know what what that means?


And with that said, let's move onto today's headlines...

Screenshots from NHL showing that you can rough up the goalies - HUZZAH!
Even though Hockey has Star Trek-like fans, their video games are cool at least.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage dies in car accident
Okay come on folks, this is sad, Macho Man was many a youngin's favorite wrestler. He was also perhaps the best NES wrestler around.

The world ends on Saturday
Make sure you stock up on Top Raumen. I did.

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