May 25, 2011

Spokane woman loses a ton of weight eating soup... I need to rethink my life

Looks like I need to go on this diet...

SPOKANE -- A Spokane woman is getting national recognition after winning a contest sponsored by a soup company. But the Progresso Company is not the only one celebrating Dawny Taylor's success.
Dawny Taylor dreamed her whole life of slimming down.

After years of hard work, she lost a lot of weight but gained more happiness than she ever could have imagined. She said she prides herself on her healthy eating habits. But she didn't always eat healthy. The 36-year-old used to weigh 416 pounds. After taking a nasty fall that broke her leg, she decided to make a change.

Dawny started Weight Watchers and acquired a taste for Progresso soup. The weight started to come off and she was rewarded for it. This spring, Dawny won a Progresso contest which included a trip to New York City for a makeover and shopping spree. Seven years and 229 pounds later, she is a whole new person. She is now a woman's size 8 at 187 pounds.

Where is my Progresso!?!?!?!

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