June 12, 2011

52-year old plays semi-pro football with his son

Ah the world of semi-pro football...

Dan Gilbert admits it was a little weird at first.

The sight of his 52-year-old father standing along side him on the same football team took some getting used to.

"You're used to playing with a bunch of young guys," said Dan, a 2010 Glacier High School graduate and starting left tackle for the Glacier Knights. "Then you look [across the huddle] and see your dad and just say ‘wow.'"

Talk about a family line.

Dan, 19, and his father Tom Gilbert were the bookends of the Knights' offensive line for most of 2011. They took the field together for perhaps the last time Saturday, with Dan playing left tackle and Tom holding down the same position on the right side.

"I feel young when I'm with all these young kids," Tom said after a 46-14 loss to the Missoula Phoenix. "But he reminds me all the time that I'm not young."

Read the full story from the Daily Inter Lake here. (You might recognize the author as one Eric Schwartz)

I was about to make a Brett Favre joke but then realized he's 12 years Tom Gilbert's junior. Football isn't an old guy's sport but for some reason Gilbert has been able to pull it off, and something tells me it has to do with the character of this guy.

I could see 52-years old for baseball, even basketball (YMCA gym rats) but football eats up bodies. Favre was one of the toughest guys to play the game and was a physical wreck during his last season. Now Gilbert probably doesn't have to take the hard shots as a quarterback would but he's on the line so he's getting constant contact.

Does Washington State University need a new lineman?

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