June 8, 2011

Morning coffee... Lebron, we have a problem

While I will admit that the amount of hate people are piling on Lebron right now is ridiculous, there is one glaring statistic.

8 POINTS! Mavs win. Series tied 2-2. Uh-oh.

He did lead the team in assists with seven but when did people talk about Michael Jordan and his fantastic assist totals? If Lebron James were wired the same way as Jordan and going to come through in competitive moments like him, he wouldn't have eight points.

You'll have to credit the defense of the Mav's Shawn Marion, who could probably guard the Pakistan-Afghanistan border with success, because the Chosen One hasn't really spread his wings in this series. That's an issue, perhaps the Heat will still win because Lebron is a really versatile player and does plenty of other things out on the court (The reason the Heat are so good isn't their offense, 3-on-5 isn't the best game plan, it's their DEFENSE. It's swarming), but when you start talking about legacies and Lebron's place of history, people will say this...


And with that... Headlines...

Maurice Clarrett blames OSU players for bringing down the Buckeyes football program
I'm glad we're weighing in the moral judgement of a man that has been in jail more often that out on the field in the NFL.

Royals fan catches home run ball with popcorn bucket
Their team isn't good so they have to stay entertained somehow.

Great nephew of shortest MLB baseball player ever gets drafted
Perhaps you have heard of 3-foot-7 Eddie Gaedel, who drew a walk in 1951 and was the smallest and lightest player in the majors. Well he great nephew was just drafted and stands a whopping 6-foot, four-inches.

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