June 23, 2011

Morning Coffee... The NBA Draft will stink tonight

Kyrie Irving will be the No. 1 pick tonight in the NBA Draft, which is weirdly being held in New Jersey instead of it's normal location of Madison Square Gardens. It's fitting, as this may be the most blah draft in years.

There's going to be no franchise player that causes fans to go "Aha! We got him" so if you're really bored tonight, I might recommend just switching over the Oprah Channel or whatever it's called. If you still want to give the draft a try, read this beforehand so you're up-to-date.

Here are the headlines...

Phillie Phanatic gets hit with baseball, goes to hospital
I wonder if he went to a mascot hospital?

The Cleveland Browns are interested in Terrelle Pryor
Somebody needs to stop the Browns from torturing their fans. Getting an immature, scandal-ridden quarterback from Ohio State? Oh sure that will fix things.

US beats Panama 1-0 to advance to Gold Cup Final
Huzzah! We beat Panama in soccer... a country we helped create over 100 years ago. Yep, the US place as a soccer power is complete now.

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