June 10, 2011

Morning coffee... Things aren't going so well in Miami

Now Miami has to win two straight games for their NBA title.

It's that kind of pressure that's going to make the stress put on Lebron and the Heat in Game 3 and 4 seem like nothing. After all the hype and talk throughout the entire season, Miami is just one loss away from elimination.

This isn't going to be about stats, this isn't going to be about the eight points anymore. This is again, going to come down to Lebron's Legacy. It's dangling by a thread right now.

Sure he had a triple-double in the Game 5 loss to the Mavs but the dude disappeared again in the big moments. He's averaging in these Finals just 2.2 points in the fourth quarter. That's pathetic.

Forget "Jordan wouldn't do that." We can go right down the list. Bird wouldn't do that, Magic wouldn't do that. Kobe wouldn't do that. Shaq. Iverson. Reggie Miller. Hakeem. Malone. Stockton.

These guys came through in the clutch, they battled when it meant something. Sure, they didn't have the success as Jordan but at least they SHOWED UP. Lebron hasn't. True he had a triple double and if you watch him he does do things out on the court that are important but he's not even the alpha dog on his team. He's not the go-to.

And if that's the case, what is the legacy of a supporting player?

And with that, headlines....

Lebron and Wade make fun of Dirk being sick...
And that turned out soooo well for them.

Lockout could spell a rash of injuries for NFL players
And that was working out so well before the lockout, I mean injuries were getting less and less common right?

L.A. Coliseum events manager doing side deals
Apparently, like Reggie Bush, this guy was getting er done during the Trojans run as well.

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