June 9, 2011

Morning Coffee... What do you mean I hit a walk-off?

Milwaukee's Nyjer Morgan hit a walk-off double against the Mets last night, the only problem was, he didn't realize he had won the game for his team. Here's part of an interview with the TV crew...

“Honestly, Core, I thought we were winning (laughs). Basically, I was up there just trying to take him up the middle. As soon as I got the hit, I just thought it was a regular routine double down the line. And basically, I looked behind me and I heard the crowd yelling and here come the guys coming off the bench. And that’s when I kind of figured, ‘Oh, I just walked ‘em off!’ (laughs)”

This is his first walk-off hit of his career so the Brewers should make a point of not telling Morgan the score for the rest of the season.

And with that, headlines...

Allen Iverson wants to make NBA comeback
And it's not for the NBA Alumni game...

Oakland A's fire manager, because they don't like being in last place
Many thought this team might be the AL West leader but an eight-game losing streak put an end to that.

Terrelle Pryor turns down the CFL
It's going to suck when the NFL turns down Pryor.

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