June 6, 2011

USC stripped of 2004 National Championship

Today the BCS stripped the University of Southern California of their 2004 National Championship.

And to that I say, "SOOOOOOO dumb."

The BCS ruling vacated the results of the 2005 Orange Bowl -- the national title game for 2004 -- as well as the Trojans participation in the 2006 Rose Bowl, in which USC lost to Texas in the championship game.

As a result of the BCS's Presidential Oversight Committee ruling, there will be no BCS national champion in the record book for the 2004-05 season.

The BCS ruling comes on the heels of the NCAA ruling about Reggie Bush playing "inelligably" because he accepted extra benefits from a would-be sports marketer.

Now here's my question for the NCAA and the BCS, "how long until you strip Auburn of their most recent championship?"

So there will be no BCS champion for the 2004-2005 season. Yet I'm just supposed to forget that the USC Trojans really won it? That makes perfect sense. Add in the fact that pretty much every major power college out there has some form of infraction yet the NCAA only punishes as it sees fit.

How the heck were all the suspended Ohio State Buckeyes allowed to play in the 2010 Sugar Bowl? Oh that's right. That's because they are suspended the first five games of this season. Gee that makes sense.

So the team got a bowl victory with players who had violated NCAA rules yet are still allowed to keep that win?

This seems like a case of punish when we feel like it and look the other way if we'll make a profit. USC's run is over and the NCAA has made their money off the team. Now it's time to let Auburn win a few more games. But once their time ends, look for sanctions and lost titles coming fast.

BCS you get dumber every year.

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