July 23, 2011

Bryant Moniz 2011 Heisman Campaign

College football is coming! And I can't wait.

One sign that the season is almost here is the 2011 Heisman campaigns are kicking off for the players who are trying to win the most coveted award in college sports.

Hawaii's star quarterback Bryant Moniz is among the best in the nation. And he's a really classy guy with a great story of how he got to become the starting quarterback for the Warriors. He also does a lot for his community.

Oh, and he's a heck of a quarterback too.

As a sophomore Moniz threw for 5,040 yards, 39 TD, 14 INT and 65% completion rating.

I'd love to see a guy who delivered pizzas, WHILE being the quarterback of a university, just to pay his tuition, win the Heisman. Enough with the guys who get a fullride scholarship while they are in 8th grade winning this thing.

There's a lot of eyes on the Hawaii football program this season, with many "experts" predicting the Warriors will finish with a 10-3 record. But the success of the team this season will all start with the success of their junior quarterback Bryant Moniz.

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