August 15, 2011

Dan Uggla's 33-game hitting streak is over

That's right ladies and gentlemen, you can turn off the "Joe DiMaggio's hitting record is in jeopardy" alarms off. The mighty Dan Uggla just couldn't get it done 33 games in.

ATLANTA -- Dan Uggla was quick to acknowledge he never thought he'd have a hitting streak as long as 33 games.

His streak was the longest in the majors in five years. He was 0-for-3 with an RBI on Sunday.

"That's more games than I thought I would ever have," Uggla said.

While Uggla-madness was quickly taking over, people can now burn their Dan Uggla replica jerseys because it's officially over. It was the longest hitting streak in five years in the majors. Philadelphia's Chase Utley had a 35-game hitting streak in 2006 and I'm pretty sure the Mariners have gotten a hit or two here or there in that time period.

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