August 18, 2011

What is Paul Wulff saying in this photo?

"Stick with me and this team and you'll probably be playing for a new coach next year."

"The best teams sometimes finish last or in our case, always finish last."

"We're not as bad as you think we are. We just don't win very many games."

"Anyone got UW to win the Pac-12 in a conference gambling pool?"

"Remember, the Cougars used to be good at football. With the emphasis being on 'used to'"

"If you party and get drunk, I don't care, because it will probably help you deal with the pain on Saturdays."

"Good news, Jake Locker isn't on the Huskies anymore."

"The bad news is... a bunch of other Div. I-A football players are."

"Sooo if you would, send out my resume to anyone you know..."

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  1. The team I used to coach just won a championship! So just wait!

  2. "...And with any luck, some of that EWU magic will trickle its way down to us."