August 26, 2011

Wyoming Cowboys football

Now I'd love to root for Wyoming as my father-in-law graduated from there. But no matter how hard I try I just find it very hard.

Let's look at the facts for the Wyoming football team:

1. You get your butts kicked every year in the Mountain West.

2. You have some terrible uniforms.

Yes, that picture is for real. You give Nike the keys to your uniforms and you quickly become the Oregon Ducks of the Midwest. That's nine, yes NINE different uniform combinations. Some jerseys say "WYO" some helmets are brown with a brown logo and one uniform is all yellow. YIKES!

3. You play in Wyoming.

4. The uniforms. Yes, they are that bad they get mentioned TWICE!

5. Oh, and your "official" theme song for the season is terrible. This is not a joke. This is the Wyoming Cowboys football team's theme song for the season.

Taken straight from the Wyoming Cowboys football youtube channel.

And with dumb songs like that, and hideous uniforms, Wyoming wonders why they have a hard time recruiting?

1 comment:

  1. Wyoming needs to change their ways.