August 12, 2011

You know you're in Washington when...

Having been away for the Evergreen State for so long, I definitely noticed a few things when I came back that make our wonderful state so wonderful....

1. Lattes cost $4
Our coffee is expensive because it's good, dammit. We pride ourselves on the number of Starbucks in the block radius. Meanwhile all the other states have to make due with their knock-off coffee shops that are located in either a run-down building or a Safeway. Viva la Washington Coffee!

2. We're pretty bad at driving
Ah, Spokane, you never stop to amaze me with you're wonderful examples of driving. It's probably the only place in the United States where stoplights are suggestions and homeless people are 100 points if you hit them.

3. Everybody around here says "Warshington"
It's true, while we may talk to out-of-staters and say "Washington State" everyone knows that if you say "Warshington"... you're talking about at least the 509 area code and we can lump in the west side too because I know there are a bunch of Issaquah people that call it "Warshington."

4. Our crazy people are interesting
Sure every place has its share of crazies, but Washington takes the cake. Where else can you see a guy dressed in a purple jump suit twirl a purple umbrella? Where else can you see two homeless people riding a bike and buggy (designed for small infants)? Where else do you get told about the aliens inside somebody's head on the STA bus? Yep. Washington.

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