September 10, 2011

Negative yard punt by Oregon State

Last week Oregon State of the PAC 12 lost to Sacramento State of the Big Sky.

And just when things seemed like they couldn't get worse for the Beavers they punt the ball for negative four yards.

I was watching the Oregon State at Wisconsin game and almost couldn't believe what I saw when it happened.

Yes, it a negative yard punt.

Punter Johnny Hekker came onto the field and tried a rugby style kick that went wrong. It wasn't blocked, there was no wind and it wasn't a bad snap. It was just a bad kick.

1 comment:

  1. I have to say I called this one. Everytime the Beavs are in a tight spot, inside their own 20 yard line, Hekker can be counted on to shank one. This one was worse than most, but very predictable. The other guarantee is that after he shanks a punt the very next one will be a thing of beauty. Dude is a huge head case.

    It is ALMOST comical how he can consistently screw the Defense over.

    I hate kickers.