September 4, 2011

Things we can take away from the UW-EWU game

Many Eastern Washington fans are lamenting on what could have been last night. The Eags had a ball intercepted in the endzone to end their comeback and they fell to FBS member Washington 30-27. They outplayed, out-gained and out-quarterbacked the Huskies.

An EWU wide receiver even made it quite clear that the Huskies are one of the most arrogant teams they've played. That's kind of crazy for a football team that hasn't SHARED a national championship since the early 90s. But having followed the WSU Cougars for a long time, the Huskies' behavior doesn't surprise me at all. If there were a smug center to the universe, UW fans would be in the middle of it, sniffing their own farts.

With that, lets talk about what we learned from this game...

Eastern is legit again
While it is amazing that Sac State beat Oregon State, let me point out that the Beavers have a slow start to every season and then they come on late. Look up the scores, they always are terrible right out of the gate and that has really stunted their chances at long-term glory. But who would have thought that EWU would be playing in a very competitive game against UW? What this shows is that the Eagles could play in the Pac-12. I'm not kidding, they could. They're going to give UW a better fight than WSU and probably some other teams in the conference.

Bo Levi-Mitchell is a steely-eyed missile man
Greatest quarterback in EWU history? Erik Meyer, Matt Nichols... Bo Levi Mitchell? The guy lit up the Washington secondary like a damn Christmas tree and had Warren Moon talking about his "NFL arm." Before this season is over, Mitchell might be the best player in Eagles' history.

Husky fans are lame
We already talked about this but I want to touch on it again. You guys are the worst possible fans in the realm of college football. If I wanted to hang out with a bunch of yuppies that want to talk about how great they are, I'll go to a creative writing workshop. Any other fan base would have been going "Hey good job EWU! You played us tough" It's a respect thing. You think Husky fans would be caught dead saying that? Nope because they're UW!

I hope for nothing but losses for the University of Washington the rest of the way.

FBS in 10 to 15 years
If fans start showing up to EWU games, you've really got to start looking at a move to the FBS. They're competing with Pac-12 programs now, they're winning national championships and they have a large corporate sponsorship base in Spokane. EWU is better set for a move to the FBS than Montana or Montana State and that's the truth. While they'll have to do some work to their stadium and Spokane will need to realize there's a football team out in Cheney, it's a definite possibility now.


  1. Every Husky fan I ran into at the game/after the game DID say something along the lines of "congratulations, you played us tough," or "you guys should've beaten us." So I feel they deserve to be defended here.

  2. One of UW's players is QUOTED saying "Oh I'm just glad those guys get a chance to go to college" about EWU's team. Classless act.

  3. Yes, EWU could have and should have beaten UW, but to say they could compete in the Pac12 is stretching it a bit.

    It isn't just getting up for one game, the week in out grind is very difficult.

    And how is it that you are just now figuring out the arrogance of UW? Even when my beloved Beavers were kicking the you-know-what out of them over the last few seasons they still believed they were the better team.