September 21, 2011

This is how winter creeps into Montana

Summer is a pretty awesome time around Flathead Lake. However, winter is like the drunk guy that yells to loud at the bar and spills drinks on people.

And sadly, it's apparent right now that Winter is coming to the area... gulp.

It's starts fairly innocent... and then hits you like a wicked shimmy. Here are the stages of the Montana winter coming to kick you in the behind.

1. Summer days become a bit cooler at night, and by cooler I might you have to wear a long sleeved shirt while leaving the bar unless you've been drinking a lot, in which case you just get in your car and drive home (Montana... the worst state in the union for drunk driving!).

2. Days become more overcast and rain starts to creep in. However, this isn't like rain in Washington which is fairly predictable and light. This is like one minute sunny and then the next minute its monsooning on you. I'm assuming that's a side effect of living next to one of the country's largest freshwater lakes and a Rocky Mountain range.

3. You wake up and there's a skiff of snow. Nothing to worry about right... it melts throughout the day? However, you noticed that all of a sudden the Mountains have snow on them and the snow line keeps creeping down and down and down. JESUS! ITS GETTING CLOSER EVERYONE RUN.....

4. You wake up and your car is under two feet of snow. Please make sure there are no sharp objects around your wrist at this point.

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