February 15, 2012

Can't question Tim Tebow fandom

Football season is over but that doesn't mean Tebow-mania has to stop. While doing a little browsing today in the local Polson Walmart (better known as the center of all Lake County commerce), my roommate Dylan and I discovered a box of Tim Tebow posters.

Now neither of us are Denver Bronco fans, but how can you not want a Tim Tebow poster in your residence? If you don't like Tebow its something you can make fun of, like those weird Minnesota knick-knacks that your relatives send you, and if you do like him, you can point it out to all your friends.

But one poster isn't enough. At least not for Dylan and I. We decided to go all in and buy TWO Tim Tebow posters. Why? Because he's the effing son of God. That's why.

Tim Tebow Poster No. 1

Note in this photo, Tebow is sharing space with the best video game character of all time, the largest natural freshwater lake in the Western United States, dinosaurs, the best fans in Arena Football, the best soccer team in the state of Montana and Chuck Norris. I'd say he's in pretty good company.

Tim Tebow Poster No. 2

The second poster is sharing space with Darth Vader. I don't think I need to explain his awesomeness.

And what should you do around a Tim Tebow poster? There's only one thing you can do...

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