February 22, 2012

Red Sox get the "other" Chris Carpenter

The Red Sox got Chris Carpenter! Only it isn't the St. Louis pitcher who's a strike-out machine and the anchor in that rotation. Nope... it's this guy...

The situation is finally resolved after close to four months of fruitless haggling. Carpenter, 26, was a third-round pick in the 2008 MLB Amateur Draft. He can touch 100 mph with his fastball, but the right-hander posted an ugly 5.91 ERA in 42 2/3 minor-league innings last season and projects as nothing more than a middle reliever. The Sox will also get a player to be named later and will send the Cubs a player to be named later at some future date.

For getting Theo Epstein as their GM, the Cubs had to give up players to be named later. While Boston initially asked for their best two players, Chicago smartly turned them down and instead sent over this guy who could get you excited if you didn't realize he "wasn't that Chris Carpenter."

Meanwhile, Boston doesn't have a fourth or fifth starting pitcher in the rotation. Ye gods...

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