March 21, 2012

Tebow to the Jets doesn't make sense

But what do I know about football? I thought Peyton Manning was heading to Seattle.

With Tim Tebow going to New York, the Jets have invited a QB controversy because current young QB Mark Sanchez sucked it up big time last season. When you're trying to bring along a young QB and help him develope... bringing another young QB that has a huge fanbase and tons of buzz around him isn't exactly a vote of confidence.

Now it has been said that Tebow will be a backup quarterback. That seems a bit odd. Why? Because Tebow became effective last season because the Broncos built their offense around him. If he comes in to relieve an injured Mark Sanchez (or after the Jets pulled him after throwing four picks), you can probably expect the same 8 for 20 passing with 30 yards.

Unless of course he makes big strides with his conventional quarterback skills.

He worked for the Broncos because they used with his skill set, and their defense kept them in games. Players on the offense knew what to expect from Tebow as their quarterback but Jets players wont be as lucky if he comes in during a pinch. Maybe it would work if they throw Tebow out there in certain packages to mix things up, throwing kind of a curveball at the other team.

However... look at the division. When Tebow played for the Broncos, he was competing against the ultimate crap sandwich of the AFC West. While the Jets aren't a bad team, Tebow has to do his thing against the Pats (Who destroyed Denver 45-10 last year in the playoffs), the getting-better Buffalo Bills and the always feisty Miami Dolphins. It's one of the best divisions in football.

Also look at Tebow's fans, and the incredibly fickle New York fanbase. If Sanchez starts to suck, which he probably will, then watch out. Remember how the Orton thing went down in Denver? You're going to have that in New York times ten. Is that a headache you want to put on the team?

Now Tebow reportedly had another option, going to Jacksonville. There were conflicting reports, the Broncos made it sound like they were going to let him choose. When he was traded to the Jets, Tebow said it wasn't his choice. I'd imagine the final call rests in Denver's hands because they're moving assets and would go for the best deal, but you'd think Tebow would be pushing to return to Florida.

All their fans would have Gator flashbacks, there would be low expectations and Tebow wouldn't be in that weird backup role. The Jags could build their offense around Tebow and sell a bunch of season tickets because of it. Seems like the perfect match and would perhaps be the thing that saves the NFL in Jacksonville.

But I guess it's not to be.

There's another weird wrinkle. If Tebow is going to New York to be a backup (Tebow claims to be friends with Sanchez and he's excited to be teammates with him)... why not just stay in Denver and be Manning's backup? You could still bring him on the field to throw a curve ball and he could work on his game from one era's best quarterbacks. Maybe Manning and Tebow don't get along? It just seems staying putt might have been the best thing for Tebow. Or going to Jacksonville.

But New York? That's a Hornets Nest.

This move doesn't make sense, but then again I'm the guy that expected Manning to be wearing a Seahawks jersey by now.

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