April 12, 2012

The death of TV

Looks like TV has some serious ratings issues...

NEW YORK - Whether it was the upcoming religious holidays, nice spring weather, school vacations or just plain boredom with their choices, many television viewers took a siesta from their sets last Thursday.

CBS' comedy "The Big Bang Theory" had its smallest audience of the season for a new episode, the Nielsen Co. said. ABC's "Missing" had a series low. All the originals on NBC's lineup — "Community," ''30 Rock," ''Up All Night" and "Awake" — had season lows.

The NBC showing is particularly eye-opening, especially considering the network's former "must-see TV" status on Thursday nights.

Only "Community" reached 3 million viewers. The comedies "30 Rock" had 2.79 million, "Up All Night" had 2.58 million and "The Office" had 2.52 million for a repeat episode. The hourlong drama "Awake" had 2.56 million viewers, Nielsen said.

On the same first Thursday in April 10 years ago, NBC reached 28.5 million viewers for "ER" and 22.6 million for "Friends."

While the talking heads try to explain the drop in all of these ratings, I think I have the reason. With the internet, I can watch any of these shows online at my own convenience. I'd rather be running, playing video games or doing some work when the show originally airs. Prime-time of 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. is my time, not televisions time.

Also throw in that I can watch anything I want to watch, Facebook, the 300 channels I have on DISH and the numerous You Tube clips or internet apps I can play - when new episodes pop up, I'm not going to make my schedule around them. I'm going to watch them when I have an opening.

With this kill TV? I dunno ask how mass media is going for newspapers. People are just being more and more specific with their tastes in entertainment. However, you know eventually who's going to pay for the splintering of all these entertainment interests? Us. Look for the pay-per-view model to get more and more common.

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