April 7, 2012

Important happenings in the Spokane sports scene

I know Casey is all big and mighty with his "major league professional sports teams" but Spokane has teams too. Here's what happened last night...

Spokane Chiefs win second-round opener against Tri-City - Is there anything better than beating Tri-City (other than not living in the Tri City, I don't think so)? Nope. And considering the Americans had a really good regular season and Spokane almost didn't get out of the first round - well, we'll take it. It also knocks and kink in the Americans armor since the first game was played in Kennewick. If the Chiefs win the second game, they'll head back to Spokane with a 2-0 series lead. Time. To. Start. Getting. Excited.

Shock lose to Arizona, drop to 1-3 on the season - With a new/old quarterback in Kyle Rowley (who had just three days of practice), the Shock had a few costly fumbles. One of the fumbles came late in the fourth with Spokane up 53-50 and on Arizona's five-yard line. “We kind of handed it to them,” Rowley said. “The second fumble, that’s on the refs. The guy jumped offside and everybody saw it in the whole arena. It’s just tough. He’s in our center’s face.”

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