April 13, 2012

It's like Civil War reenactors but way cooler

Rome is a pretty cool place. They have the Vatican where Tom Hanks hangs out. It was the city where the Roman Empire was ran (I mean can Seattle say they ran nearly all the entire known world with their grunge music?) and Hillary Duff even made a movie there. The other thing that makes it cool? When people protest there, apparently they dress like centurions. Yep, Roman Centurions. Bad ass.

The policemen arrived at the ancient amphitheatre to enforce an eviction notice to the men, who normally ask tourists for money in exchange for a photograph with them.

Italy's culture ministry said the men had no permits and often harassed and stalked tourists in addition for asking for exorbitant amounts of money.

Clashes with police broke out when city police arrived to remove two centurions who had occupied part of an arcade.

Some 25 centurions tried to stop the police, but during the scuffles, one of the protesters fell to his feet and was slightly injured.

Some onlookers joined in the protest in support of the centurions, saying: "Leave them alone. We are all centurions".

Italy sounds like every the worst place ever or the best. I can't decide yet.

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