April 5, 2012

The Red Sox are big spenders on injured players

It's always good to be the Boston Red Sox and have lots of money. That is, unless you spend all your money on injured players. A whopping 57 million dollars will be tied up on the DISABLED LIST when the Sox open up the season today. In otherwords, the season hasn't started yet and I already need a drink. MSNBC has the breakdown...

Carl Crawford – $19.5 million
John Lackey – $15.25 million
Daisuke Matsuzaka – $10 millon
Bobby Jenks – $6 million
Andrew Bailey – $3.9 million
Andrew Miller – $1.04 million
Rich Hill – $725,000
Ryan Kalish – approx. $480,000
Chris Carpenter – approx. $480,000

 It all adds up to $57.375 million, which is barely short of the approx. $62 million the Rays are spending on their entire 2012 roster.

 I think I'm fine with it if John Lackey stays on the DL and doesn't pitch for the Red Sox. Ever again.

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